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Taxation and Estates

Economic Stimulus Bill - Tax Provisions for Businesses
This publication outlines several beneficial tax provisions for business contained in the recently approved Economic Stimulus Bill.

Tax Plans of the New Obama Administration
This publication outlines the most important tax proposals which will likely be implemented under new the Obama Administration and illustrate how they will impact businesses and individuals.

Bankruptcy Law - FAQs
This publication deals with questions we are often asked by clients considering bankruptcy proceedings. The article outlines the different forms of bankruptcy protections for individuals and businesses and explains changes that came with the enactment of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.

Trusts and Estates 101
This presentation guides through different forms of wills, trusts and power of attorneys.

Estate Planning Strategies for International Clients
This publication discusses legal options for international clients living in the United States to avoid excessive estate taxes.

The Bypass Trust - Why Estate Taxes Are Voluntary
This article outlines the advantages of setting up a bypass trust.

6 Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan
This publications sets out why it is important for individuals to update their estate plan on a regular basis.



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