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Unternehmenskauf in den USA (German)
This publication provides information on the law and pitfalls of M&A transactions.

Let's Make a Deal - Einfuehrung ins Unternehmenskaufrecht (German)
This presentation outlines the process and challenges in M&A transactions.

Selling your Business? - You have decided to cash-in on your business - what's next?
This publication deals with questions our attorneys are frequently asked by business owners that want to sell their closely held business. It covers practical and legal issues ranging from choosing the right purchaser, over the structure of the sale to legal strategies to minimize deal-inherent risks.

Getting Merger and Acquisition Deals Done in a Down Economy.
This article outlines legal strategies aimed at accomplishing M&A transactions in a difficult market environment.
Published in Business Ventures Magazine (Q3 2009)

Corporate Financing Strategies for Emerging Companies
This presentation guides through different corporate financings options for emerging companies. It outlines the economic and legal particularities of commercial loans, angel and venture capital investments as well as federal and state loan programs.

How Should I Finance My New Business? A Guide to the World of Angel Investors, Venture Capital and Debt Financing.
This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of angel investments, venture capital and commercial loans for growing companies.

Economic Stimulus Bill - Tax Provisions for Businesses
This publication outlines several beneficial tax provisions for business contained in the recently approved Economic Stimulus Bill.

Recession Survival 101 - Legal Strategies to Whether the Storm
Economic times are rough. This publication outlines legal strategies how to grow your business in a down economy and how to avoid common legal pitfalls.

Bankruptcy Law - FAQs
This publication deals with questions we are increasingly asked by clients considering corporate restructurings or bankruptcy proceedings. This article outlines different forms of bankruptcy protections for individuals and businesses and explains changes that came with the enactment if the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. 

Exporting 101- The Legal Implications of Going Global
The global market offers numerous opportunities for Virginia's technology businesses. This presentation guides through some of the most important aspects of exporting good or services. Topics range from letters of credit over duties and export control regulations to intellectual property rights and product liability issues.

Tax Incentives for Cleantech Businesses
Our firm strongly believes in the enormous growth potential for renewable energy. the This publication outlines the existing framework for tax incentives for renewable energy businesses.

The Tax Treaty Germany/USA- Tax Consequences for Cross-Border Transactions
This publication outlines the most important tax treaty provisions for German companies and entrepreneurs doing business in the United States and US businesses and individuals in Germany.

The New Tax Treaty Germany/USA
This publication outlines the most important changes of the new tax treaty between Germany and the United States affecting companies and entrepreneurs doing business in the United States and US businesses and individuals in Germany.

The German Venture Capital Market from a US Perspective

This article portrays difficulties and opportunities of the German venture capital market from an American perspective. It compares Germany's fundraising volume, fund sizes and capital under management, to the situation in the United States and explains why Germany is an attractive market for American venture capitalists. It was previously published on, a leading a leading online platform for private equity and venture capital news and publications.

Venture Capital USA - Chancen für deutsche Technologieunternehmen? [German]
This presentation was held at the Frankfurt VC Meeting, Germany's leading venture capital meeting. It outlines the current state of the American venture capital market and its opportunities and risks for foreign technology companies.


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