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Our law firm represents growing and mature companies in diverse industries regarding a variety of corporate, high-tech and intellectual property matters. Our legal services range from formation issues to the assistance of growing medium sized businesses through sophisticated business transactions.

General Corporate

Our firm advises entrepreneurs on the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, joint ventures and foreign business entities. We guide our clients to choose the business form that meets their mid and long term objectives. For that purpose,  we will discuss questions such as ownership and management structure, tax considerations as well as financing matters such as commercial loans, federal, state and local funding programs and venture capital. Our lawyers counsel clients regarding buy-sell, redemption, cross-purchase agreements as well as voting trust provisions which are essential for closely-held businesses. Our firm advises companies and individual shareholders on  the purchase and sale of company interests, disputes between shareholders and other corporate matters. At the same time, we advise growing companies on licensing arrangements, restructuring efforts with the objective of enabling them to admit new equity investors, grant equity incentives to key personnel, prepare a sale of the business or to prepare the company for an initial public offering.  Moreover our firm offers guidance on employment law related subjects such as employment agreements, developing hiring practices and employee handbooks, non-disclosure agreements as well as incentive stock options, employee stock purchase plans  and equity incentives in non-incorporated business forms such as limited liability companies. In case our clients would like to implement franchising concepts, our lawyers counsel on drafting the relevant agreements as well as negotiate with potential franchisees.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise businesses and individuals regarding the legal implementation of the acquisitions of businesses through asset or stock purchase transactions. Our attorneys draft and negotiate key documents in M&A transactions. We offer advice in the early stage of a deal with drafting confidentiality agreements, term sheets and letter of intents. Once this burden has been taken care of we conduct due diligence, negotiate and draft transaction documents, arrange for novation of existing agreements and obtaining regulatory approvals from local, state and federal agencies. Our attorneys also advise investors and management teams on management buyouts and on buyouts involving domestic and foreign financial as well as strategic investors.

Our business lawyers are familiar with this process utilizing their professional experience with business brokers, commercial and investment banks, financial and strategic investors. During this process we also interact with franchisors, accounting firms, landlords and business valuation companies. We have advised numerous local businesses in growing their business through acquisitions and understand the nature of the deal as well as the expectations on both sides of the transaction. Our firm  advises foreign companies on the various statutes and regulations that impact foreign investment in the United States. Our global outreach enables us to advise Northern Virginia's growing companies on outbound growth strategies and investments. Through our global experience, our extensive network of affiliated law firms and business advisers, we are able to offer domestic companies legal advice in the process of acquiring businesses abroad.

Corporate Finance

Corporate financing is essential for every business and our firm guides our clients through the different forms of financing options. HAUSWIESNER LAW GROUP PLC advises clients on corporate financing strategies which reflect their long-term business objectives, size and line of business. Our services include the representation during negotiations with angel investors, commercial banks and financing companies, venture capitalists, strategic investors and private equity funds.  At the same time, we guide companies through government financing programs and interactions with new business incubators and venture catalysts.

We assist companies on raising capital through private placement transactions to various investors such as wealthy individuals, financial and institutional investors.  Our firm is there from advising executives on the most suitable source of financing over the first term sheet to the successful closing of a financing round.

Cross-Border Business Transactions

Our firm advises on complex cross-border business transactions that range from setting up subsidiaries of foreign companies in the United States to the acquisition of businesses or intellectual property rights by foreign legal entities or individual investors. We also advise on software outsourcing projects and on strategies to mitigate typical outsourcing risks such as cost and time overruns, data protection, IP rights, legal standing and well as loss of business knowledge in developing countries.

Consequently, we assist domestic companies with their expansion abroad by means of exporting through direct exporting, commercial agents and distributorships. We also advise local clients on licensing, distributing or franchising systems to grow internationally. In addition, we counsel clients on strategic alliances such as joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. As part of a comprehensive approach for foreign businesses, our law firm offers immigration services that go hand in hand with our corporate services.

Intellectual Property and Technology Law

Technology-related legal services are essential for many growth-companies. Consequently, we perform trademark searches and register trademarks and copyrights in the United States and abroad. In addition, our firm implements the acquisition of trademarks, licensing agreements and domain names on a domestic and international scale. We also offer advice on site development agreements, domain name registration, privacy policies and terms of use, web site hosting agreements, web site content review and payment systems. .

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